Establishing a routine of healthy habits can help ensure the safety of both you and your little one before and after birth. It can also reduce the overwhelming pressure and stress of being a new mother. While it can be tricky to maintain your typical routine, there are ways to work around your current situation, so you can still get the nourishment you need. 

Here are five self-care ideas for moms to relieve stress.

Consider Changing Your Skincare Products

Skin changes are a normal part of pregnancy. This can be attributed to the shifting levels of hormones in your body. In some lucky cases, pregnant women may experience clear, blemish-free skin. Nonetheless, some mothers who aren’t as lucky suffer through dry or darkening skin (melasma) and acne. 

Changing your skincare products is a great way to battle melasma and other pregnancy-related skin changes. Generally, you want to look for products that contain only natural skincare ingredients, to prevent adverse effects from affecting you or your baby. 

Some women might need to take medication or supplements to treat pregnancy-related skin changes. Pynocare is a popular all-natural supplement that helps reduce the appearance of melasma and dark spots on the body. It’s safe for pregnant mothers to take; however, you should always seek the advice of your OBGYN or physician before taking any health supplement. This saves you from dealing with the possible negative effects of taking certain supplements. 

Get Yourself Some Nice Clothes

Many mothers feel like it’s impossible to find themselves nice, new clothes — especially during or after pregnancy. While it will be challenging to find clothes that fit your preferences and style, it’s not entirely impossible. There are dozens of stores now dedicating themselves to supplying clothes for new and experienced mommas. Remember, you don’t just need to shop for your baby — you also have to shop for yourself. 

Buying new clothes for yourself during or after pregnancy will help you feel more comfortable in your skin. Just because you’re now sporting a new, healthy baby bump doesn’t mean you can’t still style it up. 

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Keep a Balanced Diet

Babies need a wide range of vitamins and minerals to develop healthily in the mother’s womb. A great way to ensure that your baby gets all the nourishment it needs is by keeping a balanced diet during pregnancy. Most mothers think it’s tricky to maintain a healthy diet while pregnant, mainly because of cravings and food aversions. However, with the right strategy in place, you can deal with those cravings and simultaneously supply your little one with the nutrients he/she needs. 

Your obstetrician can help you create a diet plan that will fit your specific situation. Generally, you want to get a good amount of healthy fats and protein in your body. Avoid loading up on sugars and trans fats — and stay away from sodium-packed snacks like chips and fast food.

Stay Active on Most Days

Exercising with a balloon-sized belly can be challenging. However, keeping an active lifestyle can help improve discomfort and pain that are related to pregnancy. On top of that, it can lower your risk of developing complications such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and depression — among others. 

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, the types of exercises you do will vary. While exercise is undeniably an important part of a healthy pregnancy, there will be some activities that you must avoid. 

You can ask your physician or obstetrician to help you create an exercise plan that’s fit for your current condition. Avoid settling for workouts that you see online or are recommended to you by non-professionals. 

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Dehydration can pose some serious complications for your little one. Drinking at least two liters of water every day can help keep you hydrated and healthy. If you suffer from morning sickness — which most mothers do — you’re more likely to experience dehydration. Thus, it’s more important for you to make hydration a part of your pregnancy routine. 

Constipation and tiredness are two other common symptoms that many pregnant women experience. Drinking plenty of water can help relieve constipation and improve energy levels. It may also prevent urinary tract infections from developing. 

All that said, it can be tricky to suddenly start drinking more water. If you’re not someone used to drinking a lot of water, a great way to start increasing your intake is to take a big jug of water with you wherever you go. Remember to drink a few gulps of it every hour. When it runs out, make sure to refill it with the same amount of water and start the process again. 

Final Thoughts

It’s normal for most mommas to start focusing on their babies more than they do on themselves. After all, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep this little ball of sunshine safe. However, self-care is an incredibly important part of motherhood. As much as possible, set aside some time for yourself every week just to do things you want to do — unrelated to motherhood. This will significantly increase your satisfaction and happiness in life. 

Article submitted by Katie Pierce

Article Reviewed by Dr. Zharlah G. Flores, MD, FPDS