Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized is essential to maintaining a healthy and plump appearance. Using moisturizers is a staple in every skincare routine, but it could be difficult to stick to it especially with the hot summer weather making you feel sticky or uncomfortable with your moisturizer. So this article will give you an idea of some summer moisturizers that are perfect for this weather.

Skin Hydration

The numerous layers of the skin all need to be well-hydrated to make sure that it efficiently acts as a barrier to the external environment. Furthermore, skin hydration helps it remain elastic and pliable. The healthier the skin, the better it will be in terms of its function and physical appearance.

However, there may come instances where the skin lacks sufficient moisture content. This can manifest as flakiness, fine lines, and a poor complexion. Usual reasons why the skin lacks hydration include lack of sleep, low water intake, or a very hot climate. Some of these reasons are unavoidable, especially the hot climate. Still, this does not mean that you need to suffer from the effects of dry and dull skin. You have numerous homecare options such as an effective skincare routine, incorporating more fluids into your diet, or even seeking professional consultation when skin dehydration becomes too much of a problem.

Moisturizers: Essential Products for the Skin

You can replenish the skin’s moisture content with simple steps. Regardless of your skin’s condition, it will thank you for including a good moisturizer in your skincare regimen.

There are all sorts of moisturizers in the market, but a go-to would be something that your skin loves and is not irritating. So, always check the products and user reviews. As a general guide, moisturizers with Vitamins A and B5 help boost the skin’s firmness. If you see antioxidants in the ingredients like Vitamin C and E, the product can protect the skin and prevent further damage. Some moisturizers could also have SPF and prevent sun damage.

If you already have a moisturizer of choice, you now need to use it every day at the correct time. It is best to apply moisturizers after taking a bath or exfoliating the skin. Since bathing can strip off the natural oil and moisture of the skin, putting moisturizer after that helps replenish what was lost.

Benefits of Regular Use of Moisturizers

Probably the most common skincare product would be a moisturizer. With the benefits it provides, no wonder this is the case! Regular use of moisturizers can give you the following benefits:

  • Moisturizers reduce the appearance of blemishes. The skin glows healthily when moisturized, and this gives a nice shine and glow that can blur out blemishes naturally.

  • Moisturizers can maintain a youthful appearance. The skin on the face is the first to manifest signs of aging. Constant moisturizing helps keep the skin plumper and more pliable, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Moisturizers can prevent skin issues. Many skin problems arise from being too dry or too oily. For instance, acne is avoided if the skin is thoroughly moisturized with a good product.

Various Forms of Moisturizers

Now that you are convinced of the need to have a good moisturizer in your skincare routine, you might be overwhelmed with the wide range of products available in the market. There sure are a lot, with various forms, ingredients, and consistencies.

So first, let us understand what a moisturizer contains. Each has different active ingredients that impart different modes of action. No matter what active ingredient it is, it all aims to provide moisture and lock it in the skin.

Humectant moisturizers retain the skin’s water content. In the packaging, you can see ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Hyaluronic acid has a water-binding capacity that restores the skin’s moisture content. On the other hand, glycerin is a product that draws moisture onto the skin.

Some moisturizers also function as emollients. These are soothing products that are best used for skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and other itchy and scaly skin problems. Ceramides and Pentavitin are powerful hydrating ingredients of emollient moisturizers.

Lastly, there are occlusives that prevent moisture loss. Panthenol and jojoba oil prevent water loss in the topmost layer of the skin without clogging pores or making the skin too oily.

What About Skin Hydration During Hot Summer Days?

Moisturizers indeed prevent dry skin, protect the skin’s layers, and avoid other skin issues. However, it is not as easy when facing hot summer days. The humid weather can make you feel hotter and more uncomfortable when using thick moisturizers. Even layering on your skincare is a lot more difficult when the weather is too hot!

Still, skin hydration is a must even during hot summer days. Your skincare products must be lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. Avoid using heavy creams as these are usually thick and greasy when applied. Lightweight moisturizers are the opposite of thick creams. These can hydrate the skin even with their thin texture. Plus, the thin consistency helps prevent breakouts and acne. These are designed to prevent clogged pores and let the skin breathe even with products on it.

6 Summer Moisturizers To Choose From

A light and non-greasy summer moisturizer is perfect for the hot and humid weather. Here are some options that you can check out:


Humeda is an everyday moisturizer that contains Pentavitin and Hydranov PA. The combination of these ingredients is perfect for providing long-lasting moisture on the skin and helps the skin to naturally remain hydrated.

This product is perfect for sensitive, acne-prone, and oily skin. Applying Humeda during hot summer days is not a problem because of its non-oily and light texture. After cleansing the face, you can apply Humeda liberally on the face and neck. It is best to apply twice a day for maximum effect.

Celeteque Hydration Face Moisturizer

A sought-after moisturizer must be non-greasy and have a long-lasting glowing effect. Celeteque Hydration Face Moisturizer is a go-to because of its formula that hydrates and nourishes the skin without the icky and greasy feeling.

This inexpensive moisturizer contains aloe vera, glycerin, and pro-vitamin B5. These can soothe active pimples by reducing inflammation, moisturizing the skin deeply, and leaving a natural glow on the skin.

Since this is a water-based moisturizer, it does not clog pores and is comfortable to apply even on humid days.

Hyaloo Aquaplus Deep Hydrating Gel

Hyaloo Aquaplus Deep Hydrating Gel is another water-based and affordable moisturizer. The combination of hyaluronic acid and ceramides boosts the skin’s moisture levels. Other essential ingredients of this product include Centella Asiatica extract, green tea leaf extract, and chamomile and rosemary flower extracts.

Even if you apply on a hot day, your skin will look fresh and hydrated. And, this can be used by most skin types!

St. Ives Bright and Radiant Hydrating Gel Pink Lemon and Peach

St. Ives also has a good moisturizer for summer days. The St. Ives Bright and Radiant Hydrating Gel in Pink Lemon and Peach are boosted with vitamin C. With this, your skin would have a bouncier and brighter appearance. And since it is formulated with a silicon-free gel consistency, it is easily absorbed by the skin and is more lightweight than heavy cream products.

Face Republic CICA Gel Face Moisturizer

Another fast-absorbing yet highly effective moisturizer is the Face Republic CICA Gel Face Moisturizer. This product is marketed to help ease acne scars and dark marks through consistent use of the product because of its calming tea tree extract.

This moisturizer restores damaged skin and is safe for use for all skin types. If you would be using this for a hot day, its tea tree extract and centella asiatica content will help give a cooling effect when applied.

NIVEA Men Face Moisturizer

NIVEA Men Face Moisturizer also has a light consistency similar to other products mentioned in this list. Even if this is marketed for men, this moisturizer does not fail to give a formula that is quick-absorbing and nourishing for the skin.

Any skin type can benefit from the NIVEA Men Face Moisturizer and its vitamin E content would greatly help if you want to have less dry skin and prevent early signs of aging.


Lots of products are geared toward moisturizing the skin. And you also need to have a moisturizer incorporated into your skincare routine because you would not want to miss out on its benefits for you! This keeps your skin hydrated, youthful, and naturally glowing.

However, the hot summer weather immediately crosses out many products that are thick and heavy to their greasiness and heavy feeling. This article showed six summer moisturizers which are all lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, so you can try them out now!