Flying halfway across the globe can be an exciting endeavor. However, it’s not without issues, including exerting a toll on your skin. As such, it’s only logical to be well-equipped with a skincare routine tailored for long flights. Here are a few tips to help you during these times:

Avoid Wearing Makeup

For many, wearing makeup is like donning a cloak of power and confidence. However, you might want to give your skin a break if you’re bound to get on a long flight. This will save you from feeling downright greasy and having to deal with clogged pores.

When flying, there’s a constant change in atmospheric pressure and airplane temperature. Expect low humidity levels, particularly for long distances, leading to significant loss of skin moisture. This, in turn, will affect the amount of secretions your sebaceous glands produce. You’re also especially prone to skin peeling and blockage, which may lead to breakouts.

As such, opt to go bare-faced during flights and do some skin pampering instead. If you’re uncomfortable with going makeup free, ensure that you’re using only non-comedogenic products.

Don’t Miss Out on SPF

Think that getting comfortable on a plane will save you from sun exposure? Wrong. In fact, UV radiation levels are twice as high in the air than at ground level. This means you can’t miss out on your daily dose of SPF.

You won’t get sunburnt during your travel, but you’re prone to a significant level of UVA transmission. As such, you’d benefit from a sunscreen with a higher SPF level than 30 for long flights. The extra protective layer will also lock in much-needed moisture to avoid wrinkles and skin damage.

Moisturize and Hydrate

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget on long flights, it’s moisturizing your skin. In fact, a moisturizer is your holy grail since dehydration is a common occurrence on an aircraft. Clue: you lose about forty percent of skin moisture after only about four hours of flying.

To combat this, pack your most trustworthy moisturizer and make sure to put some pre-flight. You can even lather it on thickly if you’re prone to dryness. It’s best to get one packed with humectants (like glycerin and hyaluronic acid) and emollients (like cocoa and shea butter). To give you an extra boost, apply some before you land and watch your skin turn supple.

Also, remember that glowing skin comes from within. Don’t miss out on hydration, and drink plenty of water. If you can help it, avoid consuming caffeine and turn your head away from alcohol. These beverages can dehydrate the body further, so limit your intake.

Touch Up Using Face Mists

It has been established that dehydration is the main villain you’ll encounter on long flights. As such, you’d want to be thorough and spritz on some face mist periodically. It’s a great way to get some moisture if you’re not keen on touching your skin to reapply gels or creams.

Find a good product that’s proven to keep your skin hydrated while loading it with plenty of nutrients. It’s a must to carry one with antibacterial properties to protect you from germs (and maskne!). Extensive flights can also cause moisture loss all over the body, so pack up an extra mist to avoid dehydrated skin.

Use a Sheet Mask

If you’d like to take things a bit further than a facial mist, make sure to pack on sheet masks. Remember that your skin is stressed enough as it is during flights. As such, there’s no harm in getting extra and putting on a sheet mask for extra pampering.

Tip: stock up on sheet masks that are made for combating both dehydrated and dry skin. This should be your focus during in-flight skincare sessions since you’ll definitely suffer from drying effects. Aim for water-based hydration sheets filled with ceramides, peptides, aloe, and glycerin.

It’s best to use face masks in the middle of your flight or before sleeping. To maximize the product, lather on those extra serums on your neck. This way, you won’t waste beneficial ingredients and also hydrate other parts of the body. As a bonus, don’t neglect to relieve dry eyes, too, if you’re keen on having a good nap.

Make Sure to Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is essential to your nighttime routine, especially if you’ve spent the whole day in full glam. However, it’s also something you must not skip when you’re out for air travel. To be specific, do this before and after getting off the plane.

If you’re unfamiliar with this practice, double cleansing uses a water-based cleanser after an oil-based one. Doing so will ensure you wash off all oil-based impurities, grime, and sweat. It’s also a surefire way to get rid of bacteria you accumulated during the flight. With it, you’re saving yourself from breakouts while also prepping your skin for other products.

You could also double cleanse when you’re nearing the end of your flight. It’s a must if you’re applying makeup to prepare for your arrival. Not only will this help the cosmetics sit better on your face. It’ll also leave you feeling refreshed after sitting for so long.

In Conclusion

Dehydration is your skin’s number one enemy on long flights. However, you don’t have to suffer if you build a specific routine to address dryness. Focus on protection and moisturization so you’ll still glow even after a lengthy trip. Don’t forget to cleanse afterward to eliminate dirt and grime and avoid breakouts.

***Article submitted by Katie Pierce