Clear skin is something that all women want to achieve, nourish, and maintain. However, when skin problems like Melasma happen, a lady’s world suddenly stops, confidence level goes down, and insecurity sets in.

But is Melasma really worth the worry? Or can it be a meaningful turning point to discover the much more confident YOU?

Here are 5 things that would enlighten one’s mind about skincare especially if you’re a busy woman who loves to stay blemish-free but at the same time enjoys working and playing outdoors under the sun:

1. Correct diagnosis is the best first step. Definitely, an untreated Melasma can worsen over time. But with early diagnosis and proper guidance of a dermatologist, ‘flexing’ a clear skin is possible. Amid all the information available online today, consulting a doctor is still the best. A visit to the dermatologist can help identify the possible underlying causes for your skin condition and get you the help you actually need.

2. Talk the talk and walk the walk! If you say that you love your skin and you want to take care of it, do it! Complement your conviction with action. Great results only happen when you commit to solving the problem consistently! And since achieving a clear skin entails time, positivity, and commitment, your journey doesn’t end with your doctor’s prescription.

Follow the recommended skincare solution wholeheartedly. Drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your system, exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and many more. Having a clear skin is not an overnight success. It’s a destination worth every effort.

3. The truth will set us free and eventually make us confidently pretty. Did you know that Melasma is one of the top 10 skin problems in the Philippines? It is common in countries with tropical climates, can affect anyone especially women with brownish skin tones, and primarily affect women in their 30’s to 50’s.

Treatment-wise, Hydroquinone is a common first medicine for Melasma. Dermatologists may also prescribe topical medicines or perform procedures. Since Melasma is a problem from within, Oral Treatments that fight the condition from within are also advised. Look out for products with ingredients like procyanidin, vitamin C, Beta Carotene, and d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate as these help in fighting damaging free radicals which are triggering factors for Melasma. They also help control the production of melanin to normal levels in the skin cells.

Keeping ourselves well informed especially with the composition of the medicines or supplements that we take in our body further empowers us to carry on and take action about our skin frustration.

4. Lighten up, spark up! As you follow your doctor’s advice and see the encouraging results of your dedication to self-care, confidence would surely be regained day after day. Once this happens, enjoy it – embrace the lightness and shine more by inspiring others to love themselves even more!

5. Treat yourself. LOVE YOURSELF. Skin imperfection is inevitable especially for adult women and mothers. With this, one is left with two choices – just let it be and silently feel self-conscious or practice self-love by subscribing to healthy ways to achieve the clear skin you’ve always wanted!

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